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Thomas Kaine

I went from 282 to 200 pounds! The meals and support system they have in place are amazing! Flavored Platter changed my life!

Henry Gomez

Have lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks with just improving my eating habits and light exercise thanks to Flavored Platter. I am so happy with the meals and service they provide. I would recommend this to anyone! A+!


Thank you for your food. It’s so fresh and delicious and it takes the work and guess-work out of my busy life when it comes to eating. Flavored Platter is AWESOME! You have a customer for life!


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flavored platters.

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This weeks Flavored Platters.


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1-5 meals :     $13.00 each
6-10 meals :     $10.00 each
11 to 15 meals :     $8.00 each
16 to 20 meals :     $7.00 each

Competition packages: TBD


Call us to place your order.        305-890-4005

Orders must be placed for every week by Thursday 4PM EST. Delivery will be on Sundays at 9:30 am at the Perfect Circle Fitness.

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